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5 Tips to use when wearing your Matte Lipstick

These 5 tips will help make your lips look their best while wearing your Acire Dynasty Beauty Collection Matte lipstick.

1. Lip Premier- Lip Premier is used to fill in your lines and allow for the Matte Lipstick to easily glide over your lips. (Face primer can also be used).
2. Lip liner-Using Lip liner a shade darker (not too dark) than your lipstick to define your lips. Lip liner also keeps your lipstick from seeping.
3. Color that makes your lips look smaller-darker colors make your lips look smaller, a lighter color makes your lips look fuller. So if you want to go for a fuller pout use light shades.
4. Start at the center of your lips, not the corner- When starting at the center of your lips you have more control and reduce the chance of lipstick going on the outside of your lips. Take control of your perfect pout.
5. Smile.Make sure it's not on your teeth-Although your lips maybe cute now, but lipstick on your teeth has never been a site to see. Put one finger in your mouth, close your lips tight around your finger and pull your finger out.


***My personal preference is to do a lip scrub nightly, then apply a small amount (a small dot to have a thin layer over entire lips) of Acire Dynasty lip gloss right before I apply, then apply my favorite matte lipstick. I have a matte finish without the dry look and feel of matte.


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