Beer and Egg Hair Mask

Natural remedy to promote volume and give your hair shine.

There are many ways to achieve your hair natural shine and add volume. This is one low cost way to add the needed nutrients to your hair, using beer and eggs. Yes, you read it right.
Beer is made up of natural ingredients. 2 of those ingredients are protiens, Malt and Hops. Beer also contains vitamin B, amino acids, and minerals.
Eggs contains proteins, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, folic acid, sulfur, vitamin D, and calcium. Egg also add moisture to your hair. 

When you mix these two power houses of nutrients needed for your hair, you will have shine and volume. So, if you have thin hair this will give it a volume boost.

You start by cooking the alcohol out of the beer for about 10 minutes.
Once it is cooled you will add in 2 egg yolks.

Mix these together than put into a bottle to use. BPA free Amber bottles are the best way to contain any of your natural ingredients.
Refrigerate your mixture for up to 1 week.

Wash your hair with a Sulfate free shampoo. Rinse out.
Add the Beer and Egg mask to your hair. (It may show your natural curl pattern).
Massage the mixture into your hair.
Place a cap over your hair and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes. (This is not a leave in conditioner.)
Wash out of hair and style as desired.

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