Avoid Making These Wig Mistakes

Avoid Making These Wig Mistakes

If you have never worn a wig before, or you have been wearing a wig for a while but have never taken your time to learn how to properly do it, you could be making these mistakes!

  • Not wrapping or pinning down your hair

Your hair should be as undetectable as possible. If you don’t pin or wrap your hair, it may end up looking puffy and your head unnatural.

  • Wearing your wig too far down on your head

For your wig to look natural. Your lace should only be visible along the part, and not along the hairline. The same thing applies to wearing a frontal lace wig; it should start along your natural hairline. 

  • Adding no product to your wig

A common misconception s that wigs are not supposed to be washed or added any hair products. Adding some product to your hair is necessary! Not only will your wig feel soft, but it will also look good. 

  • Seeking perfection

Nature doesn’t make a straight line. The same applies to your natural hairline – it is not straight! And no one’s hair ever looks completely perfect. If you happen to see someone with a perfect looking wig, it usually does not look great.

  • Not matching styles and textures

Wearing a wig that does not match your hair texture and color will result in an uneven and mismatched look. A mismatched texture makes t very difficult to style your hair.

  • Wearing the wrong wig cap color

Yes, it makes a difference! Especially if you are wearing a lace front wig. Wearing the wrong color of your wig cap makes it visible, signaling that you are wearing a wig. 

  • Leaving your wig unsecured

Not securing your wig can lead to it falling off or shifting. Any wig wearer can tell you that there is nothing scarier than feeling like your wig is almost falling off. 

Use wig combs, wig grip, or an adhesive to secure your wig in place. 



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